Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Bishop Nelson Nzvimbo Speaks On Godly Leadership

When I was growing in the things of God, I was taught that Godly Leadership requires a FAT person. And that has been one of my Moto that drove me everyday as I let the Holy Spirit lead me to lead God's people.

Godly Leadership is:

1. Faithful to the cause.

2. Available for the cause.

3. Teachable in the way of the cause.

Acts 6:3
Bishop Nelson Nzvimbo Speaks On Godly Leadership
It requires one who is called a leader to be disciplined in the above, through:

1. Commitment

2. Dedication

3. Loyalty

4. Sacrifice

And only achieved with the love of God in you compelling you, to submission, to do and accomplish what he has called you to do.

Where do you stand as a leader? Search yourself with the above expectations from a Godly leader.

Do you see yourself qualifying as one?

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