Monday, August 20, 2018

From Fishermen to Fishers of Men With Pastor Tasha

When Jesus sees potential 

Luke 5v1-11-Jesus sees a potential of a ministry platform in Simon's boat and He also sees a resourceful person in Simon. I like the character of Simon because even though he was exhausted from a fruitless shift of work he did not question or want to send Jesus out of his boat

N.B Jesus didn't even ask to board He just got into the boat and asked Simon to take him a lil off land. If Simon was someone else he would have said NO plain straight and gone to rest.But he allowed Jesus to speak to the people using his resources.

When you succeed God's work He also succeeds you

At times we try to do some stuff on our own and it doesn't work out, you need to ask yourself what have I done for God? Simon did as Jesus said without expecting anything in return and right after Jesus had finished speaking to the people He asked Simon to put their nets in the deep. Now you need to understand that when God asks you to do something even if it seems too far off reach, you should trust Him to do what you cannot do. These fishermen had worked all night and caught nothing. But when Jesus gave them instruction they caught so much fish that their nets where breaking

From Fishermen to Fishers of Men With Pastor Tasha

N.B the giving principle does not only apply to money only but even your resources, in enabling the work of God to go forward.

-You sow your boat as a resource for God's work and you will reap bountifully...

These men where largescale fishermen and i believe their boat was their whole life yet they still selflessly trusted Jesus to come into their place of bussiness and tell them what to do. In the end they reap rather they caught sooo much that they needed assistance to collect the fish, they filled up both boats to an extant the boats began to sink.

Imagine such blessing but it can only come your way when you allow God to use your resources for His work. I strongly believe that most believers are living a life that is not worthy of their title because of the fact that we are not fulfilling the great commission that Jesus left us with. You work all 365 days of the year but never see results of your work

-Take care of God's bussiness first and He will take care of yours.

If one soul causes a celebration in heaven can you see heavens doors opening and God's blessing pouring down on us as we bring souls to His Kingdom. The ladies in Luke 8 did not preach but they supported evangelism with their resources so we can all be fishers of men in different ways.

Leave everything and follow Jesus (v11)

To become a Fisher of men you need to leave everything behind , become a follower of Christ not of men. leaving everything behind resembles a new start in Christ, behold all things are new.You never have to worry about how life is going to be because He knows each and everyone of us and had our lives well planned out for us even before we were in our mother's womb. The plan for your life is fulfilled in the work of God. Go, witness and bring souls to Christ if you are not a good public speaker then support the work of God with your resources you will see God blessing you and transforming your life!!!

The Holy Spirit enables

You dont have to worry about where or how to start. Acts 1v6-8 You do not receive the Holy Spirit to speak in tounges. We receive the Holy Spirit as enablement to go and be witnesses. The disciples all spoke in tounges on the day of pentecost as evidence of them receiving the Holy Spirit and even in those tounges some where surprised because they could hear they speaking in different dialects.The Holy Spirit produced a witness in every dialect so that all could hear the good news. That day 3000 were saved, the Apostles had boldness to stand and preach the goodnews. If you are speaking in tounges but not witnessing...what kind of spirit do you have?

We are called to be witnesses of Christ. To bring as many souls as the Holy Spirit will lead us to bring into the kingdom of God.

From Fishermen to Fishers of Men, for the glory of God.

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