Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Call to Commitment in Leadership With Bishop Nelson Nzvimbo

In life, I have come to understand that, The newness of something makes it easy to start but, to complete it takes commitment. Commitment is the ability to remain connected to something that is attached to your heart even if there be possibilities to detach you.

One has to be committed to a thing even though it's painful & difficult.

And we should have a proper perspective of that which God has called you to do.At the age of twelve Jesus new what his assignment was. It required Him to take up His cross and accepting His assignment. So it takes picking up your own cross & accepting your assignment. 
The Call to Commitment in Leadership With Bishop Nelson Nzvimbo

In Romans 15: 1 - 5 We learn of commitment in spite of pain or hurt that you receive. Here Paul did not quit despite all the tough things he went through.

Ecclesiastes 10: 4 says don't leave your position because your leader is harsh on you. Be committed to the anointing on the assignment of your leaders life.

Leaders should never equip people that are just merely interested. You should

equip the ones that are committed. You can't afford to understand the commitment needed from your leaders.

We don't want just to do something, We want to be able to complete it.

There is a great reward for being committed if we stick to it. Without

commitment there will be no true success.

2Chronicles 20: tells us that, when we do our assignment with all our heart, we prosper.

Leaders need to be worshippers.

Commitment demands a change of life style in any leader. What you are

committed to, you become like it. Don't fall in love with greatness, but fall in love with a great God. Leaders must know the power of diligent & there is no room for laziness. Every leader need to know his forbidden fruit. That thing that makes you weak or vulnerable.

Beloved co-worker in this great field of God, be seriously committed to your calling and assignment. Jesus was an honest recruiter, he did not put it to his disciples that he would offer them a car or a house or all the other things the world offers. But he promised them He would take care of them here and promised them a reward in the here after.

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