Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Need For The Word By Bishop Nelson Nzvimbo

THE NEED FOR THE WORD: WORD changing moments with Baba Bishop Nelson Nzvimbo!

Most of the problems of mankind are spiritual. You cannot solve spiritual problems with physical solutions. (Evangelist Daniel Kolenda)

And Jesus is Spiritual, being born of the Spirit & started his mission endorsed by the Spirit & came amongst us/mankind in the power of the Spirit. Fame & great miracles followed him, with people healed of their diseases, life's situations & delivered from destruction.
The Need For The Word By Bishop Nelson Nzvimbo
We are coming to mankind with a creating delivering WORD from God. In the beginning, He spoke a WORD & things came into existence. In the New Testament Jesus said: man shall not live by bread alone, but by every WORD that proceeds from the mouth of God. Soo, to live, one needs also a WORD from God.

When Jesus asked His disciples to eat his flesh & drink his blood, most people following Him left Him. But disciples remained, Then He asked them what they were still doing with him after most people had left him, tgey answered: Lord were can we go, for in you are the WORD's of life. The centurion who needed her daughter to be healed said to Jesus, Speak a WORD sir & my daughter will be healed. What is the WORD of God for your life, not for your neighbour? If you listen with an ear that's in tune with your maker, he will speak a WORD that will make you live a life he has designed for you. So what you want is to say a prayer to him that says! Speak a WORD for my life into my life SIR Jesus, and surely the Lord God by his Spirit, will speak a WORD that will transform your life forever .

WORD MOMENTS are JESUS MOMENTS, meaning that Jesus comes in time in your life's worse moments. The Man was 38 yrs lame by the pool, but when Jesus visited the man in his moments of need, the man carried his bed home. Blind Bartmeos begged by the the cross roads, but when Jesus arrived there at his moment of need, he left begging by the road & wrnt home seeing, when the woman with the issue of blood of 12 years heard about Jesus, she touched Jesus at the moment of her need &-immediately her issue changed, healed.. when the ten leppers met Jesus at their moments of need, they all left there cleansed, their skin, as that of a baby. Zacheos was a schemer & a thief but his life TurnedAround after Jesus MOMENTS visited his home. Peter & company could not get a catch all night, so business was going down, until Jesus arrived at the right moments of their need, wow,! What a great catch they got in Jesus moments, that was after Peter only said; if it is you Jesus saying the WORD, we Wil throw the net.

All these were life situations that needed a a WORD MOMENT, which is Jesus in their moments of need. Guess what, Jesus met them all with a a WORD for their MOMENTS. All you need is a WORD in your moments of dispear, in your moments of unemployment, in your moments of a marriage crisis, in your moments of a a relationship that has gone sour, in your moments of a financial depression & economic hardship, those moments when you life is going down hill coz you need fees, rent, pay a debt, you want to be loved, you want your business to rise up, you just things to be all right, you need a WORD. I know you have heard many words on your situation but, some that drowned your business, your marriage, your educational aspirations, your ministry vision, these words you heard were mere words without power &-authority to create the required results in your life, they never healed or delivered you from distruction. But if the word is from Jesus, John say in 1:3, nothing was made that was not made by him.

Shout say a WORD in my MOMENTS Lord Jesus.

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