Friday, August 10, 2018

The Power Of Attitude With Myles Munroe

There is nothing as powerful as attitude. Attitude dictates your response to the present and determines the quality of your future.

You are your attitude, and your attitude is you. If you do not control your attitude, it will control you.

Attitude creates your world and designs your destiny. It determines your success or failure in any venture in life. More opportunities have been lost, withheld, and forfeited because of attitude than from any other cause. Attitude is a more powerful distinction in life than beauty, power, title, or social status. It is more important than wealth and it can keep one poor. It is the servant that can open the doors of life or close the gates of possibility. It can make beauty ugly and homeliness attractive. The distinguishing factor between a leader and a follower is attitude.
The Power Of Attitude With Myles Munroe
The Power Of Attitude With Myles Munroe
What is attitude? We will discuss this topic in detail in coming chapters, but for now let me simply define attitude as "the mind-set or mental conditioning that determines our interpretation of and response to our environments." It's our way of thinking. It is also important to understand that attitude is a natural product of the integration of our self-worth, self-concepts, self-esteem, and sense of value or significance. In essence, your attitude is the manifestation of who you think you are. Leaders think differently about themselves, and this distinguishes them from followers.

The story of the lion and the sheep demonstrates the power of attitude. We live our attitudes and our attitudes create our lives. The difference between the attitudes of a lion and a sheep determines their place in the scheme of the animal kingdom. Perhaps that is why the Creator, as recorded in the books of the Hebrew writer Moses and other biblical writers, identifies himself with the unique temperaments or natures of certain animals.

We live our lives based on who we think we are. According to the illustration, if you believe in your heart that you are a sheep, then you will stay in the confines that others have placed you in or that you have made for yourself. If you think that you are a lion, then you will venture beyond manmade limitations and embark on the life of #leadership that you were born to live. You will develop into someone who inspires and influences others within your inherent domain.

No amount of training in #leadership skills, courses in management methods, power titles, promotions, or associations can substitute for the right attitudes. I am convinced that all the money in the world may make you rich, but it can never make you a leader. You #leadership development is determined by your perceptions of who you are and why you exist in other words, your sense of significance to life

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