Saturday, September 8, 2018

The Reward of Determination With Bishop Nelson Nzvimbo

Luke 5: 17 Jesus was there at that place and the power of healing was also there. From this text, we gather that we need to find were Jesus is and go were the power is. Some things are not happening cause you are not were it is happening. Find a way were there seems to be no way. They accurately new exactly were Jesus was to drop the lame man. They had Faith of Determination.

There was also a crowd that hindered the ones wanting a solution from Jesus. There is always a crowd in one's life, inside (inferiority complex) and outside (situation & circumstances surrounding you). There are certain things that God does not require us to pray or fast for. He has already given us common sense to think about them.

Matthew 15:21 the Canaanite woman had determination to get her healing. From her story we learn that:

1. Determination will allow you to ignore insults in your journey to your success.

2. If you are not ready to be laughed at, you will not reach your Destiny.

Determination needs decision:

2 Chronicle 27:6, so On them became mighty because he prepared his way before the Lord his God. He was determined to obey God. It is the quality of being resolute/steadiness.

Determination is:

Is Having firmness of purpose,

Will surely allow you to accomplish things in life,

The Engine that drives perseverance,

Ability to keep pushing no matter what,

Act of not feeling sorry for oneself,

It looks at failure and says i will not give in,

It's the decision to do something 2 Chronicles 2:1.

How to keep your Determination

Sometimes your determination is to help other people and not about you at all,

And having Persistence, it Bravely makes you look terror in the eyes and you go through it, and to Trust in God Habakkuk 1:20,

You therefore keep your Determination by:

Endurance, having staying power,

Having Patience,

Changing your thinking and your attitude.

Pastor Kenny
The Reward of Determination With Bishop Nelson Nzvimbo

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