Thursday, February 14, 2019

Ways to Stay Purposely Focused on Your Assignment

Every Pastor or Christian Leader must understand that you are not going to please everyone in your community and not even in your church. You are not going to reach everyone and all people are not connected to your assignment. Some people are there for seasons and you must respect when the season is over. Be who you are and fulfill your calling. Don’t waste time answering your critics.

"Be teachable, reachable, and accountable. Walk in humility, integrity, and spiritual authority. Lead by example. Do more serving than being served. Love God, Love your Family, Love People and Love your assignment. In that order" - Bishop Fredrick Brown

If you follow these principles your ministry will outlive you and your life will be fulfilled.

You only have to please one: God! If you do it well others will be drawn to you. It’s not a popularity contest it’s a love affair! Love God! Love people! If they reject either they have chosen their own fate. If convicted they will draw from you until they can see God working in their own lives. Then if they’re obedient they will bring others to draw from that same power working in you!
Continue to do your work and let GOD handle all your haters!!! Don't let them be a distraction in your goals !!!!

God didn't call you to be special and peculiar to yourself or to others, He called you to be chosen for His purposes! Don't play with what God called you to do. There are souls connected to you that need the be brought into the kingdom! 

Regard your calling in high esteem.

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