Friday, April 26, 2019

Prayer Is What We Do!!

We don't pray to people & for people to see that we are praying.

We pray because that's how we communicate with our father in heaven, telling Him what is in our hearts *the things we are going through in this life & the things He has taken us through in this life*
Prayer Is What We Do!!

Prayer is our way of taking away the unwanted and asking in the wanted.
The Lord Jesus tells His disciples ( Pray that you enter not into temptation, Luke 22). We pray before we fall into the temptations life gives us so that we don't fall into the temptations when they come. We don't pray when we are into the problem, we pray before the problem to be strengthened for the problem in through the problem.
All our faith predecessors understood the purpose & need for being prayerful. They got their lives and relationship with God the creator sealed in prayer.
Moses prayed Abraham prayed, Hannah prayed, Daniel Prayed, Elijah prayed, Anna prayed and The disciples prayed
The Apostle Paul teaches us not to worry about anything in our Christian walk,  but In everything by prayer and supplication, let's make our requests made known unto Him. *Philippians 4:6*

Let's be in prayer, asking of our father in heaven in Jesus Christ's name.

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