Monday, February 3, 2020


Ezekiel 37 Story of the dry bones is a History that is going to repeat. When we all think that the church is losing power and the battle, BANG!!! the Lord God is going to surprise the enemy and raise up a great army from the list expected somebodies we thought dead and useless.

"Revival is coming and God is going to raise up a great army of soldiers to bring it to pass."

As in any army, all the different regiments positions will be required. We will all be occupied and each knowing his rank. I hear the voice that says KEEP RANK. there are foot soldiers, horse soldiers, air soldiers, commanders, generals, etc, each one maintaining a position to bring order that will give victory to this great army for God and his kingdom.

With any army, there is going to be vigorous intensive short term training to equip and get this group ready for battle. They will win many from the jaws of hell to the side of Christ. Vigilance, commitment, sacrifice is going to be seriously required. This is going to be about heavenly kingdom focused people that are anticipating a great reward of eternal life from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Take note: That they were DRY BONES, like Christians who had dried up spiritually. NO Spirit, lifeless, NO spark, NO fire for the things of God. The reason was the devil thought he had defeated them in their walk with God in life.

Get ready as God is about to raise you and the unpopular, nobodies, the least expected, that will do exploits for His kingdom. He will call you, He will raise you up, He will train you, He will equip you, He will commission you to your specific area and zone. Don't think less of your capability, for His grace will be sufficient like He did with Paul. For it won't be by mighty no by power, but that which you will do will be of the Spirit.

I see some great generals of God, Elijahs of our time, who are about to go home, who will be used of God to release an impartation of power. Just like the dead anointed bones of the Prophet of God were the body was dumped in 2 Kings 13:2, the live bones of these heavenly war veterans will revive the dead Christians of our time. It's not about one's church or ministry, but this is going to be about Christ's Church, His Church and His Body RISING up.

The Great Heavenly Army raised was of Dumped, Defeated bodies that were thrown for burial but God revived them back to war into the battlefield to fight until they wrought victory for our Jesus Christ!!.

Get Ready it's starting now.

The word the Lord God gave me on the 8/1/20 at 4:15am for His church.

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