Monday, November 2, 2020


Definition of unshakable

not possible to weaken or get rid ofnot able to be shaken

too strong to be changed, weakened, or destroyed

firm, steadfast, steady, stiff, unbendable, unfaltering, unwavering

"firm convictions"; “steadfast resolve"; "a man of unbendable perseverance"; "unwavering loyalty" IN YOUR FAITH IN GOD THROUGH JESUS CHRIST


If you describe someone's beliefs as unshakable, you are emphasizing that they are so strong that they cannot be destroyed or altered BY ANY CIRCUMSTANCES that come their way, 

For example, this Covid19 Pandemic that we are in right now, the financial dilemma you may be in, the sickness issue that may be troubling you at the moment, the marital problem you may be facing in your home, all the depression you are in as I speak, in CHRIST JESUS, All these life’s challenges will not shake you and Paul says they shall not separate you from the love of God in Christ Jesus.

There is never a week that goes by in a congregation that a disruption in someone’s life circumstances does not take place. These events are shaking, if not shattering, to them, to their family, or even to a congregation’s life, as a whole. After having pastored a congregation for many years, I have come to know that we live in a highly breakable, highly shakable world. It’s not a matter of people whining about their circumstances. It’s just a true fact that surprising and shocking things happen. While their impact may differ upon each of us, we all experience these kinds of things. None of us is shock-proof, no matter how much we may have seen or been through.

When we look in God’s Word about how we can become ambassadors of an Unshakable Kingdom while living in a shakable world, there is a great truth that is important for us to capture and embrace—not just as a hope, but also as a practical reality that can happen in and through our lives. By hearing and responding to Jesus’ call, it is possible for His Unshakable Kingdom to penetrate the fabric of our lives that even though we may be shocked by circumstances, we will not become shaken by them. Even though things rattle and rupture around us, there comes stability—not because of anything in our own being but because of something steadfast that is flowed into our lives by the promise and power of God.

The devastating sudden changes or disruptions taking place in our world today underscore how critical it is for each of us to receive and experience His Unshakable Kingdom for ourselves. It begins with new life in Christ, without which, Jesus says, we cannot enter the Kingdom of God (John 3). New birth in Christ brings us into a new dimension of life where the Lord can begin to work stability into us. And then, the unshakable nature of His Kingdom in our lives equips us to become a resource to others – to overflow His constancy, goodness, and strength to them. There’s a desperate need for anchor people in our changing world. People who can be depended upon because they are open to being an expression of the solidity of the living God.

Becoming Anchor People in a Shakable World

We live in a changing world filled with people who are reaching for a firm grip on something that cannot be shaken. God calls us to become people who have that grip, formed of the unshakable nature of the Savior that transcends our temporal world and introduces the constancy, stability, and strength of His Kingdom into the shifting, shaking, and sometimes shattering circumstances around us.

In God’s eternal Word, we find the timeless truth regarding two things that abide. First, there is the unchanging call that we come to the Savior—that we receive new life in Christ and follow Him (John 3). 

Then comes the Savior’s unchanging commitment to flow a stabilizing capacity that meets us at every point of need, no matter how shaken our private (or even our global) world becomes.

In these trying times especially with this Covid 19 catastrophe, it takes only an unshakable faith to hold or stand one's ground in the Lord our God. Yes! unless/until your faith is unshakable you can't/won't refuse to compromise your faith/belief/religion.

Make sure you make your focus your focus, see no distraction, think no distraction. Remain focused on the Unshakable kingdom of God you are now a citizen of. Be unstoppable, unshakable and unwavering in any trying times and the challenges life brings to you.

In Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.

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