Monday, March 8, 2021

Time for Mind Reset

Word Moments with Baba Bishop


Time for mind reset

As we think so are we.

Romans 12:

The renewal of your mind is focusing on godly values and godly ethical attitudes

Focusing on godly customs

The transformation is progressive therefore you have to start somewhere

Why do you need reset or renewal of mind? So that you may prove for yourself the will of God is that which is good, perfect and acceptable

What is a reset?

A reset clears any pending error and brings the system in an initial start which is its original intended purpose.

What is the use of reset?

It is used to switch on or and switch off... At times we need to switch off what we are today which is outside of God's will and switch on what we are supposed to become according to God's plan.

How do l reset my life?

If you're wondering why this and that is happening to you or your life… and it's not making any sense. That means it is time to hit the reset button!

Resetting or to reset mean to adjust, to re-fix in a new or different way. 2 Corinthians 5: How to reset your brain:

* Shake out your current mental state

*Develop a system that works for you

*Check out your image

*Take some time to read a good book

*Go out with some friends. Have fun. Learn something new

*Meet with a group of people who challenge you to be your best

* Go to a new location... we need exposure

*Clean up the place you live...beautify it by planting flowers etc. (a good environment makes the mind to relax)

*Exercise your body

*Get enough sleep

*Play inspirational soothing music

* Read your bible and pray everyday




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