Monday, May 17, 2021

Baba Bishop Speaks on "Building True Friendships"


Building True Friendships

Scriptures: Proverbs 18 vs2 and 27vs17

A True Friend should be that one who sticks closer than a Brother.
To Sharpen, to Provoke, to Challenge and to Inspire in your God given potential. 

Your friend should be there to:
*Inspire growth in you.
*Provoke you to do what you're supposed to do
*Sharpen the blunt in you.
*Bring out the greatest in you
*Add value to you
*Rebuke you in love
*Celebrate your success.
*Lift you up when you fall
*Are there when you need them
*Encourage you as you do the same
*Give as much as you also give
*Not jealous even if you do better than them
*With you in every situation

Friends in need friends indeed. You're the sum total of your friends.
You are not making it in life because who you call your friends do not stick to you as a brother.
Who are your friends? 
How do you choose them?
How do you relate with them?
Do they lift you up when you fall down?
Do they come to you without or only come to you for what you have? 
These are questions you should ask yourself about the friends you have or for the friends you need in life.

True friends are with you through thick and thin, to see you succeed in life and help fulfil God's purpose in you and celebrate your success.

Bishop N. Nzvimbo @ May 2021

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