Monday, May 17, 2021




Isaiah 43:18-19

The stories of the miracles God did in the Old and New Testaments are all proof of what God did, is doing and shall do for those that believe in Him and call upon His name in their times of need.

He is a God who make ways were there seems to be no way. He works in ways we cannot see and in a manner that is beyond our imagination.

In the times we are living now, nothing short of a miracle from God will take people out from the catastrophe the Covid 19 pandemic has brought with it. We are in something that we never thought would come upon us.

No one thought nations would lock down, businesses would shut down, visions would stop moving as scheduled, recession would come upon economically established nations.

Who ever thought we would wake up not being able to visit your family members, friends, go to work and eventually not have the job.

Who ever thought that we wouldn’t be able to gather in our hundreds and in our thousands in church buildings for fellowshipping.

Who ever thought we would have to find ways to feed our families without a proper income.

It’s not only individuals going through some stuff right now, its families, communities, businesses, nations that are facing challenges, that only God can undo and Make a Way were we are all seeing impossible to make through.

People are facing challenges on getting food to eat, the money to buy it, because many are now not working and because businesses have closed down and still lots of them are closing down. Therefore, governments are unable to help many because there is no basic income for all sectors to build a strong vibrant economy that can sustain its people.

Whatever situation you are in and it looks like there is no way out, God has Always and will Always make a way for you regardless of the impossible picture the devil is trying to make you see.

But the question will also be: Is there a way out of this?

And the answer is YES! Yes, Yes!!!! God has way out of every situation that comes across His created beings that are made in His image, mostly they that believe in Him through His son Jesus Christ.

How do we know He has an answer for us?

. He opened the red sea for the Israelites in Exodus 14:21

. He gave water from a rock in Exodus 17: 1-7

. He gave a child to old and childless 90-year-old Sarah in Genesis 17:16

. He fed the Elijah, the widow of Zarephath and her child in 1 Kings 17

. He healed Naaman the leper in 2 Kings 5:5-6

. He made a 38yr old paralytic to walk in John 5:1-15

. He stopped the issue of blood for a 12yr sick lady in Like 8:43-48

. He opened eyes for bind Bartimaeus who was born blind in Mark 10:46-52

. He fed 5000 men with five loaves and two fishes in Matthew 14:13-21

. He made Paul live after being bitten by a viper in Acts 28:1-10

And for you and me today, God has Always and will Always make a way for you.

. He will make a Way to end Covid 19 Pandemic because of His Children

. He will make a Way to give wisdom on how to maneuver out of all this

. He will make a Way and the sick will be healed medication is there for the sick

. He will make a Way and there will be food on the table for His children

. He will make a Way so that there is works of hands for the sustainability of His children

. He will make a Way that ministries will rise above this pandemic for the sake of the Gospel

. He will make a Way to see the rising up of prophetic voices that will bring hope, encourage and uplift His children, so they look up to Him as the only source supply

He will Make a Way for you through all things that had been blocking and hindering your destiny. The difficulties in your personal life, in your family life, the struggles of life that are stuck in your mind.

I come to strengthen you today, I come to uplift you today, I come to give you hope today.

He will Make a Way for you, were there seemed to be no Way.

Bishop N. Nzvimbo @ May 2021


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