From 1985 when I began my pastoral work, I got into the great training hands of a great humble servant Apostle of God, our then Church Provincial Overseer Rev Abel K Sande, the founder of Ambassadors for Christ Ministries International, whom I learnt a lot from about ministry and leadership calling, and later I submitted under him to be my spiritual father to date. 

He then took me in as a Provincial Evangelist and mentored and groomed me into the evangelism ministry. I then worked under him for 14 years moving between evangelism and pastoral ministries under his training. 

In 1998 after establishing 4 churches in the town of Sake, Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe, He appointed me Bishop of Seke. Quoting his words in our language, (Mwana, Mwari akupa Seke mumaoko ako kuti umuunzire mbiri) Translated in English: Son, God has given you Seke in your hands for His Glory!

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