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We are here to encourage ministers who are in this ministry jungle were he or she is almost always alone, besides God strengthening them. 

On this journey to do the work of God, we can not do it alone hence we need someone who has walked the walk to help us along the way. It's the place were Iron Sharpens Iron, giving edification, spritual encouragement to ministers of the great work of the gospel, coming from Bishop Nelson's three decades plus of ministry experience.

To the:

1. Minister in charge of a church.

2. A leader recognizing the call to ministry.

3. A bible college student or minister in training.

4. A Christian desiring to grow spiritually.

This is a site to follow as we will put short video clips, teachings and articles that will readily, practically provoke you to to great exploits in God's kingdom work.

And for you who is a believer, you will get information that has been tried and tested to help you grow in your knowledge of what God requires of you as His child. You will be equipped with the WORD that will help you to face the challenges of life by faith in God through Jesus Christ.

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