Word Moments


WORD MOMENTS Is a powerful Spirit filled event picked from Psalm 107:20, were the Psalmist teaches that He sent His WORD and it healed them and delivered them from destruction. I believe that the WORD of God is so powerful to deal with every situation of life we may come across. And as His children, we have the right to claim healing and deliverance from any destruction the enemy may put across in our lives. So baba Bishop hosts an annual one week conference dubbed, 7 DAYS 7 PREACHERS in WORD MOMENTS, were we have witnessed people coming to Christ, healings and deliverances as in Bible days through the great anointed preachers of the WORD that grace these conferences. These Conferences are so unique because of the assortment of different ministry giftings from various churches and ministries that are invited to speak. They are also designed to bring different servants of God to fellowship together and build the body of Christ from across denominational divides, bringing unity. You will forever blessed in these conferences which I urge pastors and their churches to attend.

As we believe that Jesus is the WORD according to John 1, so we say:

WORD MOMENTS is a time for JESUS in your MOMENT OF need for salvation, healing and deliverance from whatever is troubling you and success in whatever you need. For He is the creator of all things.

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